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#АкронПролетер 25 января 2022, 18:30 (Белек)

PAPILLON center Белек
  • 4. «Алания» Владикавказ 43
  • 5. «СКА-Хабаровск» Хабаровск 41
  • 6. «Нефтехимик» Нижнекамск 41
  • 7. «Балтика» Калининград 38
  • 8. «Акрон» Тольятти 36
  • 9. «Енисей» Красноярск 35
  • 10. «Велес» Москва 33
  • 11. «Спартак-2» Москва 33
  • 12. «Краснодар-2» Краснодар 33
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Happy New Year 2022!
FC Akron wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2022!
31 December 2021 в 22:39
FC Akron and Danone have signed a partnership agreement
FC Akron has signed a partnership agreement with Danone. Social projects and youth sports development will be the main areas of cooperation.
15 December 2021 в 17:02
Dmitry Sasin signed a contract with Akron
The midfielder of the Belarusian Slutsk will be our first newcomer in the winter transfer period!
13 December 2021 в 17:32
Ramon Tribulietx – new head coach of FC Akron
Ramon will join the team at the training camp – he will prepare the team for the second part of the season. The contract is signed for 2,5 years. The coaching staff will be formed in the nearest future.
10 December 2021 в 17:13
Vladimir Japalau, Igor Pikushchak and Konstantin Sineokov leave FC Akron
Akron Football Club and Vladimir Japalau have decided to terminate the contract by mutual agreement.
7 December 2021 в 11:05
New stadium to be built in Togliatti
We are delighted to announce that a new, 15,000 seater stadium will be built in the Avtozavodskiy district of Togliatti in the near future. A cooperation agreement between the Togliatti Administration, Akron Holding, and the Samara Regional Housing and Mortgage Fund was signed earlier this month.
22 November 2021 в 18:52
FC Akron Togliatti joins EFDN
FC Akron Togliatti - the first Russian club to join EFDN. We hope, in cooperation with EFDN and its members, to learn and adapt the best practises in CSR strategies and activities but also to put Russian football on the map.
18 November 2021 в 13:26
Chris Docherty is the new FC Akron Sporting Director!
We are pleased to announce that experienced Scottish specialist Chris Docherty is our new Sporting Director.
16 November 2021 в 19:12
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