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1/4 финала Пути Регионов 26 февраля 2023 (г. Жигулёвск)

стадион «Кристалл» г. Жигулёвск
  • 9. «Шинник» Ярославль 28
  • 10. «Нефтехимик» Нижнекамск 27
  • 11. «Динамо» Махачкала 26
  • 12. «Родина» Москва 22
  • 13. «Акрон» Тольятти 22
  • 14. «Велес» Москва 20
  • 15. «Кубань» Краснодар 19
  • 16. «Уфа» Уфа 18
  • 17. «Волга» Ульяновск 15

Akron-Konoplev Academy 2012 won the tournament in Saransk
11 October 2022 в 14:12

In the final match of the main division of the Cup, Valery Prvidentsev, Boris Slesarev and Gennady Chikonakov, our guys in the penalty shoot-out were stronger than the Samara “Krylia Soviets” – 2:2 in regular time (3:2 – on penalties).

The tournament among teams born in 2012 was held in the capital of Mordovia from 6 to 9 October. The participants were divided into two divisions: the Major League and the Premier League. On the way to the final match of the Cup, the “academicians” under the leadership of Maxim Fedyukov and Artyom Efremov defeated RCPF Nizhny Novgorod (6:3), the second team of the Wings (5:2), Penza SSH-8-Zemlyakoff (3: 1), Ivanovo Tekstilshchik (6:0), Moscow Nine (7:1) and Saransk Mordovia (2:1).

As a result of the competition, individual prizes were awarded. The best coach of the tournament was Maxim Fedyukov, the best goalkeeper was Denis Zaitsev, the top scorer was Kirill Lyakhovets, and the player was Timofey Vinogradov.

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